Violent Crash Ends Police Chase

Drunk driving, which is already dangerous – both to the driver and to others in the vicinity – becomes so much more potentially dangerous when the driver refuses to cooperate with law enforcement. This was once again made painfully clear when a police chase in Allegan County ended in a violent crash after the driver refused to follow orders from police.

However, not following orders is now the very least of that individual’s problems….

According to the Michigan State Police, the incident began with a routine traffic stop for speeding at about 6:30 am on US-131. But apparently when the officer asked the driver for his license and registration, he decided that driving away at high speed was a far better answer than handing over the requested paperwork.

This may have had something to do with the fact that the car in question had in fact been reported stolen from Battle Creek, and the driver in question was very likely under the influence of both alcohol and other intoxicants.

Police gave chase, and were led from 131 onto M-89 toward Otsego. However, when taking a curve at speeds far too high for anything other than straight lines and professional stunt men, the car struck a tree and ended up crumpled in someone’s front yard.

According to witnesses at the scene, the driver, who amazingly survived the impact and managed to retain consciousness, was apparently screaming as if in severe pain. He was transported to Borgess Hospital for treatment.

But while injuries may keep him out of jail for a few days or weeks, they aren’t going to make much difference to the substantial number of charges he will be faced with when this goes to court.

MSP says that in addition to the fact that the car was stolen and the driver was very likely drunk, a crime compounded by the open bottle of alcohol officers found in the car, he was also driving on a suspended license and had a number of warrants outstanding against him, including one for home invasion.

Current charges include operating while intoxicated, fleeing and eluding police and a number of charges on the outstanding warrants. His name will be released when he is formally arraigned.

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