DUI Attorney App: Whatever Happened To The Duey Dialer?

Whatever happened to the Duey Dialer that got so much press in 2015?

Whatever happened to the Duey Dialer that got so much press in 2015?


A few years ago there was extensive media coverage for something called the Duey Dialer. It was an app available for smartphones that allowed a person who was being pulled over for drunk driving to contact a nearby attorney. The app was designed to record interactions with police officers and then pass along the recording, along with your contact information, to the closest DUI attorney.


In our article on the Duey Dialer, published in July of 2015, we speculated on whether or not something like this would be a good thing for people. Not because we don’t appreciate convenience, but simply because the app removed a person’s right to choose their own legal representative. In essence, by sending your info the closest registered DUI attorney, the app would choose your defense attorney based solely on location, not on merit.


While “close by” or “conveniently located” certainly have their benefits, we would rather that our clients came to us because we are very, very good at what we do. The “well, this was the closest law firm” approach might sound simple, but in the end it may cost you more when the closest turns out to be not the best.


However, it has been about two years since the app was introduced, and it appears to not have been a roaring success. The website no longer exists, and the app itself, which is still available for download in the Google Play Store, hasn’t been updated since July 2016. Add to that the fact that the last review (which happened to be negative) was left in June of 2016. All in all, we assume that the Duey Dialer is no longer a realistic option.


We have no information on why the Duey Dialer isn’t in use anymore, but if you take a moment to read the reviews left by users, you may find some clues. The small selection of attorneys in some states, and a total lack in others may have had something to do with it. Additionally, it seems that some people had technical issues with the app.


However, all of those potential issues aside, we believe that the most important issue is the right to choose your own criminal defense attorney. If you are pulled over for drunk driving and arrested by a police officer you are going to need an expert drunk driving defense attorney. That isn’t a question, it is a simple fact. However, what is a question is which attorney do you need?


Answer: a highly skilled one, with lots of experience, a long history of success, and great recommendations from former clients. Another factor to consider is not that all attorneys are the same. You should not hire the cheapest attorney you can find. Cheap attorneys know how much they’re worth. Look for a record of legal success over many decades helping people with drunk driving cases in Michigan.


A drunk or drugged driving charge is very serious, and can impact your life for many years to come. In addition to court fines and fees, and the possibility of jail, or even prison time, there are many other restrictions that DUI convictions bring. Substance abuse classes, a criminal record, travel bans, probation, higher auto insurance rates, losing your car and/or your driver’s license. These are all examples of ways that drunk driving can affect your future.


This is why choosing the right DUI defense attorney is so critical. You can never afford to leave it to chance, not when there is so much on the line. So if you or a loved one have have been arrested for drunk driving in Michigan, you are going to need the skill and experience of a drunk driving attorney from The Kronzek Firm. Call 866 766 5245 24 hours a day, seven days a week to discuss your case with a highly recommended attorney. We are always here to help.


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