Flint Drunk Driver Collides with Ambulance

Everyone knows that driving under the influence of alcohol puts both yourself and those around you in potential danger. But a Flint man recently added a new dimension of danger to the life of his victims – by driving his vehicle into the ambulance that was transporting them to the hospital.

According to Flint Police, on October 29th, at about 11 pm, officers were following an ambulance that was transporting a patient to Hurley Medical Center. That’s when a drunk driver collided with the ambulance on Stewart Avenue.

While the police have not released much in the way of details, they have said that the Flint drunk driver was arrested and taken to jail. He was charged with operating while intoxicated, and driving on a suspended license. There may be additional charges added, as nothing is currently known about the condition of the patient or the medical staff inside the ambulance.

If this is the driver’s first drunk driving arrest, under Michigan law they could face misdemeanor charges punishable by up to ninety three days in jail, fines of up to $500 and a possible suspension of their license lasting for as long as six months.

However, if any of the medical personnel in the ambulance, or even the patient being transported were injured, the stakes go up significantly. In Michigan, the law states that a charge of operating while intoxicated causing serious injury is a felony that is punishable by up to five years in prison.

Whether you or a loved one are facing a misdemeanor or a felony, a first time arrest or the police have labeled you a repeat offender, you are going to need expert representation. If you have been arrested for drunk driving, don’t leave your future to chance, contact us immediately. We can help.

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