Leelanau “Super Drunk” Driver Flees Scene

In today’s world, between security cameras, people who work jobs around the clock, and the presence of cell phones and the internet in every home, getting away unseen after committing a crime may be harder than you think.

This was definitely the case for a certain drunk driver in Leelanau County, who drove his white Cadillac into a power pole located at the intersection of at East Hoxie Road and South Solon Road on November 4th, and then fled the scene.

Officers were sent out at about 4:15 in the afternoon, to where the pole was struck. A witness provided them with a description of the driver’s vehicle, which had sustained some damage in the collision, and also the direction it was traveling in when the driver took off afterwards. Officers were able to identify the vehicle where the driver had left it – parked in front of a nearby business.

The cadillac found by police had rear end damage and the back window was broken, matching the description of the damage sustained to the car by the witness who saw the collision.

Deputies contacted the driver, a 26 year-old man from Elmwood Township, and asked him about the accident, which he readily admitted to having caused.

The officers who met with him said the driver showed signs of intoxication, and so was required to perform a series of roadside sobriety tests, which he failed. The deputies have not yet released the results of his BAC, but have said that it exceeds 0.17, which is the state’s “super drunk” minimum.

The driver was arrested and remains in jail, awaiting bond. His name will be released after he is arraigned.

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