Labor Day Drunk Driving Crackdown

Drunk Driving Crackdown September 4-7

Labor day is coming up. And so are the plans by law enforcement around the state to step up their drunk driving patrols and crack down on intoxicated drivers.

Holidays tend to be synonymous with relaxation, friends and family, and good food and drinks. But it’s the drinks that can lead to trouble for you if you happen to drive anywhere with a BAC of .08 or higher. And the police certainly intend to see to it that you don’t do much driving if you’ve been drinking this Labor Day.

The campaign, called Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over, is a nationwide effort by law enforcement to ensure greater safety for drivers over the Labor Day weekend. Last year in Michigan, there were six fatal car crashes, of which 5 involved alcohol. This year, they are hoping to reduce that number.

But while the focus is certainly on drunk drivers in general, there is a push this year to crack down on college aged drivers in particular. The Labor Day weekend tends to include the time period when college kids are moving into the dorms and other campus housing. It is a time period that often includes the first of the parties and thus, the first heavy drinking of the college season. Ads targeting college students say “put a sober driver on your list”, with the intention of reminding students to make safe choices.

Other items that law enforcement intends to keep a careful eye out for is underaged drinkers and drivers who aren’t using their seatbelts. The crackdown will run from Friday September 4th, through the end of Labor Day on the 7th.

As attorneys who have represented many drunk drivers over the years, we are all too familiar with the tragic consequences of drunk driving. Permanent physical injuries, lost lives, hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in medical bills and attorneys fees. It can be a very difficult time.

So our advice is to always wear your seatbelt and never drive when you’ve been drinking. However, people make mistakes. That’s life. So if you’ve made messed up and need help dealing with the consequences, we’re here for you.

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