Woman Fleeing Scene of Accident Caught on Camera

In the early hours of the morning, just a few days ago, a woman crashed her car into a motorcyclist on the Southfield Freeway. She then ran her car up the embankment, before getting out and being confronted by a man with a camera.

Sean Parks, who also happens to be a motorcyclist, saw the accident and then confronted the driver, all the while recording the incident. The driver, a young woman who was obviously hurt and appeared intoxicated, was not very cooperative. The victim on the other hand, was lying on the side of the road, out cold.

Parks felt that it was important that the driver not get away without being confronted for what she had done. He wanted her to stay and face the consequences, but he didn’t want to touch her. According to the explanation he later gave in media interviews, she was so covered with “fluids” that he didn’t want to make physical contact with her. But he was determined to prevent her from getting away.

The recording Parks made of the conversation he had with the woman shows her arguing with him. At first she denies being in an accident, then claims that the car she was driving didn’t belong to her. She then says that she is a stripper and doesn’t know what’s going on. She also tells him that he has no evidence against her, and proceeds to insist that he call 911.

But when Parks tells her that 911 was already called, and that police are on their way, the woman turns and runs. She jumps over the fence dividing the freeway from the service drive, and attempted to flag down a passing vehicle in order to flee the scene.

But Parks followed her, not allowing her to get away until police arrived. He then turned over the footage he had recorded and the woman was arrested. Police are saying that they suspect that alcohol was involved in the accident, but have not provided definitive answers yet.

The victim is hospitalized and is in critical condition. Apparently he suffered a number of broken bones, but very little information has been released beyond that. At the scene police told media reporters that the man had died in the accident, but that information has since been amended to say that he is alive but in critical condition.

The identities of both the driver and the victim have not yet been released. We will keep you updated as information becomes available and the investigation into this fleeing scene of accident develops.

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