Why The ‘Second Collision’ is so Dangerous During Drunk Driving Crashes!

Car crashes can be deadly. But it’s the ‘second collision’ that ups the ante!


One of the biggest challenges we face is the use of seat belts. Why? Because drunk drivers, in addition to being impaired and not following rules of the road and having slow response times, often forget to use their seat belts. Or they simply don’t think it’s important in that moment. Or they try but struggle to get the belt to latch, and then give up. Whatever the reason, drunk drivers who aren’t belted in are at risk for something called the ‘second collision’.


What is the second collision?


To hear the name you would think it refers to a second crash that happens after the first impact. And in a sense it does. But it’s not an independent crash, it’s one that happens as a direct result of the first impact, and it’s only severe when the person inside the car isn’t wearing a seatbelt.


In every car crash there are two collisions – the first happens when the car hits another object, and the second collision happens seconds later when the unbelted passengers hit different parts of the car’s interior. Believe it or not, it’s the second collision that’s far more deadly to people in car crashes than the first collision! And when the unbelted occupants of the car are children, the results are disastrous!


How does the second collision kill drunk drivers and their passengers?


If you think about it, when the car itself hits a lamp post or a tree, it’s the car that’s damaged, not the people inside the car. But when the force of that impact throws an unbelted person against the steering wheel or against a window or the dashboard, they often sustain terrible injuries.


Studies done on second collisions show that fatal injuries are much more likely during drunk driving accidents when someone isn’t belted in. Specifically, different parts of the car caused deaths in a certain number of collisions. For example, the steering assembly caused fatal injuries to nearly 30% of people killed in collisions. Also, in many cases people strike more than one objects, which hugely increases their chance of a fatal impact. When you add in the terrible conditions of Michigan’s roads, the problem intensifies. Then add in our crazy weather and the ever changing road conditions when we have ice, snow and rain. The problem gets more and more dangerous.


What minimizes this risk to driver’s lives?


In a word: seatbelts. Airbags help as well, and let’s be honest here – if you commit to only driving when you’re sober, you have a far greater chance of making it home in one piece. So if there’s anything to be learned from this information (besides “don’t drink and drive” obviously!) it’s to use your seatbelt every single time you travel in a vehicle. Whether you’re stone cold sober, you’ve had a couple of beers, or you’re the passenger in someone else’s car, always remember to buckle up!


We understand that people make mistakes. They get distracted, they assume that “just this once” will be okay. They hope for the best so as to avoid extra inconvenience and cost. Whatever the reason, we get it – Michiganders sometimes make bad choices. Like getting behind the wheel of a car when you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol. But the truth is that one single poor choice can cost people their lives, and you your freedom!


If you or a loved one are ever accused of drunk driving…

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