Will The Legalization of Pot in Michigan Change Drugged Driving Laws?

Despite the fact that pot is now legal in Michigan, drugged driving is still against the law!


It has been less than a week since the vote that made recreational marijuana legal in Michigan, and everybody’s talking about it! What will life be like if Michigan is like Colorado and Washington State – for better or for worse. Will it make more money for Michigan? Will it increase drug-related arrests? Will more teens have opportunities to abuse it? There are so many questions and very few answers. But the one area we’d like to talk about today is the issue of drugged driving.


Think about how the state treats alcohol.


Alcohol is legal to buy, sell and consume in Michigan. But if you drive under the influence of alcohol, you’re going to be arrested and charged with a criminal offense. Why? Because despite the fact that alcohol is legal, it has been determined that consuming alcohol impairs your ability to make safe and smart choices, and respond accordingly to unexpected situations. So despite the fact that alcohol is legal, driving under the influence of booze is against the law. And pot won’t be any different.


Drugged driving will ALWAYS be illegal!


Who knows – maybe at some point in the future a reliable method will be developed that will allow cops to test how much weed is in your system, and how long it’s been there (sort of like a breathalyzer for marijuana users.) But there isn’t anything like that now, and so if there’s one thing you shouldn’t expect to see change if pot becomes legal, it’s the fact that drugged driving is against the law.


How will legalizing pot affect Michigan’s drivers?


We can’t really answer that, because no one knows for sure. (We have a lot of skills, but telling the future isn’t one of them!) However what we do know is that if people are suddenly allowed to use marijuana for recreational purposes in Michigan, there’s likely to be a spike in the number of Uber drivers called to take stoned people home. Possibly an increase in the number of people hitching rides home with friends, and unfortunately a very likely rise in the number of drugged driving arrests.


Remember: drugged driving is against the law in Michigan!


Whether recreational pot is legalized or not, driving under the influence of marijuana (or any other illegal drug for that matter) is still going to be against the law. If you’re a card-carrying medical marijuana patient, you are NOT allowed to drive under the influence of drugs. If pot is legalized and you’re of age to consume it, you’re NOT allowed to drive under the influence of drugs. Regardless of what the law says about pot, no one is going to be allowed to drive drugged!


If you screw up, get the best help available!

People make mistakes. They misjudge their own capacities, and sometimes just make crappy choices and hope for the best. Either way, if you get pulled over and arrested for drunk or drugged driving in Michigan, you’re going to need help from some of the most experienced DUI defense attorneys around. So call 866 766 5245 (866 7No Jail) right now and discuss your case with someone who’s had decades of experience helping people all over Michigan’s lower peninsula!



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