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Operating While Intoxicated …In A Stolen Golf Cart?

Usually, when you see someone driving a golf cart around at 8 o’clock in the morning, your first thought tends to be “someones headed off to enjoy an early game of golf!” and not “someone’s had a few too many

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Drunk Driving Laws for Boaters Just Got Tougher!

In the wake of the drunken boating accident this past summer, that claimed lives and put one man in prison for years, it comes as little surprise that Michigan legislators have chosen to change the state’s drunk driving laws concerning

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Drunken Driver in the Kitchen?

While people are at least nominally aware that while out and about in their cars they are at greater risk of being injured, most people would tell you that the one place they least expect to encounter a drunken driver

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Police Officer Loses Job After Driving Drunk

We have hardly caught our breath in the wake of the Sturgis police officer who crashed his truck through a guardrail and into the trees while driving drunk, and here is another instance of a police officer drinking too much

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Man Pleads Guilty In OWI Boat Crash

Brandon Verfaillie, the 32-year-old man from Chesterfield Township charged with several felonies for driving his boat while under the influence of alcohol and causing a fatal crash, has pled guilty to the charges. Verfaillie appeared in court on Monday where

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Kent County OWI Causing Death

Michelle Carmelita Lerma appeared in the Grand Rapids District Court recently for her preliminary hearing. Seated in a wheelchair, both her arms in casts, the 40-year-old faced Judge David Buter while the prosecution explained why she was being charged with

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Sturgis officer pleads not guilty in OWI case

Bryan Lee Stuck, the 29-year-old Sturgis Police Officer who has gained a level of notoriety of late for his very drunk driving accident last month in Kalamazoo County, has chosen to plead not guilty to “super drunk” charges, which will

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Two Pints of Vodka and Stolen Vehicle Results in Felony Charges

There is an old saying that goes: “With friends like you, who needs enemies”, and it may well reflect the feelings of Edward Roskiewicz, whose truck was stolen by a friend of his girlfriend, who then proceeded to crash it

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