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“Clients come to me when something has gone horribly wrong. My job is to turn things around.”

Hello. I am attorney Stephanie Service. I am a trial lawyer who defends drug and alcohol cases. I understand that people who have been accused of drunk driving live with a negative social stigma. What is worse, many of my clients face the possible loss of a job, a career, a driver’s license, and their freedom. And yet, I find ways to help. I believe the primary role of a trial lawyer is to find defenses that others overlook. However, in DUI cases, there are other things we have to do at the same time. Drunk driving cases tend to move rapidly through the system. I believe in doing damage control and building a defense at the same time. Sometimes, the things I do outside of the courthouse make the most difference to my clients. I will work with you dealing with any drug and alcohol issues in your life. I will help put you in the best possible light, just in case you have to stand in front of a judge. At the same time, I will build the best possible defense against the charges. I will also work alongside of you without judging you.

Sometimes, clients ask me if they need an attorney if they really were drinking and driving. Defense to an OWI case is about more than your blood alcohol level. We look at constitutional and technical issues that you might not think of. We look for problems with the prosecution’s case. It is always worth defending a criminal case. We have a simple philosophy: we believe that good things happen when we defend our clients. If I can help you with your case, I would be pleased to meet with you in a free in-office consultation. Working together, we will find the best solution to a difficult situation.

It has been my privilege to represent clients in Ingham, Eaton, Clinton, Jackson, Calhoun, Livingston, and Oakland Counties.


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