Lansing DUI Lawyer

Lansing DUI Lawyer

Any drunk driving conviction can have consequences.  The severity of those consequences can vary from case to case.  However, jail time, probation, fines, costs, community service, loss of driving privileges and even the loss of your job are possible.  If you are dealing with a DUI case in Lansing, Ingham County or elsewhere in mid-Michigan, you need the best possible defense.

Best Lansing DUI Attorneys

At The Kronzek Firm, our Lansing drunk driving attorneys believe in providing every client with the defense they deserve.  Defending a drunk driving case requires attention to detail, exceptional knowledge about the technical aspects of Michigan drunk driving statute, extensive knowledge of constitutional law and exceptional trial skill.  Sadly, many attorneys today don’t really try to win drunk driving cases; settling instead for plea offers that offer no real help to the client. Our attorneys have earned a reputation for being effective drunk driving trial attorneys.

Lansing Police

Lansing, MI Police

If you find yourself facing an Operating While Impaired – OWI, Open Intoxicant, drugged driving, drunk driving, Driving Under The Influence – DUI in Lansing, you should immediately seek the help of one of our expert Lansing drunk driving attorney counselors. Our DUI lawyers know how to defend you and offer a proven track record that delivers successful outcomes for our clients. As skilled defense attorneys our Lansing DUI lawyers give every case the attention to detail that leads to positive results.

Experienced Lansing Drunk Driving Lawyer

Lansing area police are zealously arresting people for alcohol and drug related crimes. Wouldn’t you want a Lansing DUI defense attorney that is just as zealous at defending your rights? Police are trained at how to get suspects to make mistakes that are hard to recover from in court. Our Lansing DUI Lawyers are trained at how to prevent further mistakes and how to help you deal with any mistakes you may have already made. Working together, we can deal with the problems you are now facing. Your best possible results will likely come when you hire a Lansing Drunk Driving Attorney.

From the time of the initial traffic stop, drivers feel compelled to co-operate.  This is why they agree to field sobriety tests like the heal to toe walk, the on leg stand, counting backwards and the horizontal gaze nystagmus test.  In addition, drivers tend to answer police questions, like “how much have you had to drink tonight?”  There is probably no other area of criminal law where the accused are so helpful to the accuser.  Yet, in our system of justice, no one has an obligation to help police build a criminal case against them.

How Can I Fight A Lansing DWI Charge?

The answer is simple: get a Lansing DUI Lawyer that is a proven criminal defense attorney with the proven skills and understanding of how best to defend your case. Your Lansing DUI attorney should have years of experience defending clients in traffic, speeding, alcohol and drug and drunk driving related offenses in Ingham county, Michigan. Your Lansing DUI lawyer should be able to tell you just how they are going to give you a fighting chance against charges of drinking and driving. Your Lansing DUI attorney also should have specialized training in the field of drunk driving defense. And your Lansing drunk driving lawyer should be responsive to your needs, willing to spend time with you, and able to answer all of your questions.

Our Lansing DUI lawyers meet daily with clients developing custom defense strategies that limits your criminal exposure, minimize fines, and protect your driving privileges. We conduct new client office interviews Monday through Friday and nights and weekends as necessary. We have Lansing drunk driving attorneys on call 24/7 for emergency consults. Call a Lansing DUI lawyer 866-766-5245.


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